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List of psychosexual issues

What is Psychosexual Dysfunction Disorder 

It is a term used for anyone that is having either a psychological, mental, or emotional issue sexually.

Listed below are some of the things i can help you overcome, and deal with.

Erectile Failure

Failure to achieve an erection, or to maintain it long enough for intercourse, or other sexual activity. To reach a satisfactory completion.

Premature Ejacualtion

Ejaculation occurs before the male feels ready.

Withheld Ejacualtion

You can ejaculate, but you choose not to during intercourse.

Male Penetration Anxiety

You can sustain an erection until the moment of penetration.

Pelvic Steal

Similar to penetration anxiety, but has little or no psychological content. Often bought about by ageing.

Inability to Ejaculate

Not able to ejaculate during intercourse, but can through masturbation. 

Erectile Pain

Mainly due to a psychological condition.


A sexual attraction to an object, or concept.


An erection does not go down after sexual activity.


Seeking sexual activity at every available opportunity, and will take considerable risks to achieve this.


Painful spasm of the vaginal muscles

Female penetration Anxiety

Dryness, due to lack of lubrication, and can include muscle spasm.


No matter how much stimulation is applied, there is little, or no orgasm for the female.

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

Often referred to as 'Nymphomania' with rapid, and sustained sexual arousal, that is not relieved via sexual activity.

Post Coital Nausea

Onset of nausea / vomiting, following sexual intercourse.


experiencing a high number of orgasms, this is fairly rare.

Female Dyspareunia

Pain on intercourse

Hypoactive Sexual Desire 

A total absence of sex drive

Sexual Aversion 

Believing that sexual activity is unhygienic

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